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Hello, I'm Michelle. I'm a nutritionist and naturopath with fitness and fertility training qualifications and a psychology background. I'll help you achieve optimal health with food and lifestyle as your medicine. It's time to eat right and live well again!

Bachelor Psychological Science (Hons.)

Fitness Instructor

Advanced Diploma HSc. Naturopathy

Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education

Diploma Nutrition & Western Herbal Medicine



Immune Health

Our mind-body health is influenced by our natural biorhythms, which are in turn influenced by the seasons.  Prepare for the seasonal health challenges ahead and let food be your medicine. Now is the time to prepare for winter cold and flu season. This will in turn prepare you for spring hay-fever season. You'll have more energy for fitness and weight-management in summer.

There’s an Early Bird Special Offer as an incentive, so let's start creating a preventative medicine plan for your NOW!

Schedule some 'ME' TIME

Unique programs for busy schedules

I create personalized health programs for every body. Get a professional program done for you!

Dietary Requirements

Strict requirements? No worries. I'll work around any pre existing dietary restrictions.

Daily Schedule

Your program schedule will reflect your daily routine and natural bio-rhythms for optimal energy.

Positive Change

Enjoy a happier you with positive psychology and mindfulness.

Existing Conditions

I work with people with diverse medical needs and understand the complex relationship between various conditions.

Fitness for Life

Stay fit doing what you love! I'll work with your health team and motivate you to keep moving.

Medical Referals

I'm a registered practitioner and work with Doctors all over Australia to help people who need my expertise.

More Information

Digestive Repair

Are you working hard but not achieving your health goals? Are digestive health issues holding you back? If you suffer with IBS, bloating, persistent weight gain, or chronic fatigue this digestive repair program can improve your health outcomes. Get the latest evidence-based care and your health on track.

Gut-brain retraining
Personalised nutrition plan
Practical support and guidance
Optional microbiome genomic assessment

Bachelor Psychological Science (Hons.)

Fitness Instructor

Advanced Diploma HSc. Naturopathy

Trained Teacher in Natural Fertility Education

Diploma Nutrition & Western Herbal Medicine




Are you always running on empty, or running behind? Does life get in the way of what you want to achieve? Align body and mind to achieve more by doing less. Feel a sense of calm as you move through your day. With clarity and focus it’s easy to get things done. Make space for change and find inspiration in the moment!

Evidence-based method for optimal health
Experienced Practitioner
Integrate into your health plan
Online counselling available
the natural first step

Pregnancy Care

Did you know your fertility can be affected by your general health and well-being? What's more, your hormone cycles can provide insight into your overall health. Natural fertility charting is a wonderful way to track your reproductive health and take charge of your fertility.

Your body needs a very specific set of circumstances to conceive and carry a healthy child to term. You need plentiful stores of the right nutrients to support fertility, conception, and prevent hormone imbalance.

Fertility charting and preconception nutrition are the natural first step to your fertility plan.

Trained teacher in Fertility Awareness
Preconception Nutrition
Suitable for those with irregular cycles
Maternal healthcare
Ready to start?

Book your Health Assessment and Starter Program with me.

Initial Health Assessment
Second Follow-up
30-day Treatment Plan
Remote Session Available
Professional Guidance

First, let's meet: We have a lot to talk about, our first meeting is a total health assessment. We'll identify your goals and get you started.

Starter Program, a follow-up consultation with a 30-day nutrition & fitness plan.

Your Complete Assessment & Starter Program


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