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Science backed naturopathy and nutrition translated into easy to understand, goal focused plans and programs. I'll help you change the way you see food and lifestyle to create a more balanced and energetic life.

ABOUT Michelle

My mission

After several years running busy city clinics, I escaped to the country where I maintain a healthy ‘work-life’ balance, with my furry and feathered friends, surrounded by nature.

My personal journey working in a stressful corporate environment led me to seek out ways to cope with the effects of stress on my health. Although eating highly nutritious food and devoting hours to my gym workouts, I had digestive issues, experienced poor sleep, and was unable to relax. I started practicing meditation with ‘mind-blowing’ results! My personal experience inspired a passion for eating and living mindfully. This had a lifechanging influence on my future health, as I learnt to focus on how I felt rather than how I looked as a the most reliable measure of my health.

I understand the impact stress can have on chronic illness and pain management and have 20 years of experience working with people with long-term complex health needs. With a background in psychology and nutrition, I'm passionate about the gut-brain connection and the food-mood relationship.

I can help you with digestive and reproductive health concerns, and have a unique 'mind-body' approach that is based on my own clinical experience and evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I'm also a natural fertility educator, assisting couples conceive naturally, and offer mindfulness techniques throughout all my health programs. I've designed these programs to act as a core framework from which to build your unique health plan. No two plans are ever the same, they're based on our initial assessments and treatment plan. After your first two appointments you can continue with individual health consultations and work at your own pace or I'll create a program just for you.

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